Phone Repair Penrose, New Zealand

Phone Repair Penrose, New Zealand

If your phone isn’t working or has a damaged screen or any other problems, NZ Sunny Way can help. We are a local phone repair shop in Penrose that prides itself on its extensive knowledge and all-right missions that will get your phone working with repair turnaround times that are fast.

The cost of getting your phone repaired is substantially lower than buying a new model. Not only does it make financial sense but it’s a practical decision too. After all, if you’re comfortable with this current phone, why put in the work to buy a new one. NZ Sunny Way phone repair in Penrose offers the best phone repair solution that you can trust.

Cracked phones are the worst. To prevent major damages, it’s best to use a case. Cracked, unresponsive, or lagging – We can diagnose any problems and get them back to new.

  • IPAD
  • OPPO

Sometimes, batteries are not charging or holding a charge. We are able to replace them to ensure you have a dependable charge. Sometimes, the problem is something you can see. We can do a diagnostic and get to the root of the problem.

There aren’t many buttons on a phone anymore but the ones that there are still left are important. So, if they aren’t working, bring your phone in and we’ll get them back to new.

Apps or software sometimes do not work to the best of their ability. NZ Sunny Way can get your software problems solved. We keep our pricing upfront so you know exactly what we achieve by offering a free inspection and quoting service. So, bring your device and get it fixed today.

Tablets, laptops, and computers are expensive to buy and the difference between each new model is becoming less and less significant. That’s why it makes more sense to get it repaired than to replace it with a new one. NZ Sunny Way makes it easy to get the repairs and software optimization done and get your device working at its best.


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