Accidents happen! That drink got knocked over, and now your laptop is in jeopardy. When your laptop is exposed to liquids, your swift actions can help to save it.

Follow this guide to improve the chances of being able to get laptop water damage repair options and prevent loss of your precious files, data, photos and emails.

1. Power Off

When any liquid is spilled on your laptop, disconnect the charger and power it down immediately. Keep your laptop off while you follow the remaining steps.

2. Disconnect Any Peripherals

Swiftly disconnect any devices that are connected to your laptop and set them aside.

3. Mop Up Surface Liquids

Dry off the outer surfaces of the laptop with a lint-free material such as a microfibre cloth.

4. Remove The Battery

If possible, remove the battery from your laptop. Look on the underside of your laptop for a catch that releases the battery. Note that not all laptops have externally removable batteries.

5. Set Your Laptop To Dry

Place a towel on a flat surface and stand your open laptop in a V-shape on the towel. Your screen and keyboard will be facing the towel. Leave your laptop to dry completely for up to 48 hours.

6. Things Not To Do

  • Dry the laptop with hot air, such as with a hairdryer
  • Turn your laptop on before it has dried out
  • Put your laptop in the sun to dry

7. Get Professional Help

The best advice at this point is to get professional help. Even if your laptop seems dry and it boots up when turned on, it’s still possible that there’s residual damage that you can’t detect which may cause problems, like corrosion, over time.

Taking your laptop in for water damage repair is a good idea to ensure that all liquid residue is dried and cleaned. A technician will know what to check for and what solvents to use to clean and save the components.

For expert laptop water damage repair, contact NZ Sunny Way Tech today. We have the skills and experience to assess and repair damage caused by liquid spills. Give us a call and give your laptop the best possible chance at a full recovery.