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New Zealand Leading Motherboard Repair service provider, we aim to offer the best Phone Chip Level repair solutions. We Repair what other shops can not repair.

Best quality, high success rate, affordable price, fast turnaround time.

Motherboard Repair/ Logic Board Repair Price From $60, We Can Repair:

Special Price Offer

  • iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC $70+GST
  • iPhone 6-6sp Charging IC $70+GST
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus Audio IC $70+GST
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus Baseband Problem/No service/ Can Not call or Activate $70+GST
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus No service/Audio Problem Repair/no IMEI no active
  • iPhone Apple Logo iTunes Mode Not Turn On
  • iPhone iPad Not Charging/Not turn on Problem Repair
  • iPhone X,iPhone Xs,iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max Motherboard repair from $130
  • iPad iPad Air iPad Pro Not Charging/Not turn on/Apple Logo/iTunes Problem Repair
  • iPhone Data Recovery
  • iPad iPhone Motherboard For Sell/ iCloud Password Forget

Other IC Repair:

  • For iPhone 6-6s Plus
  • For iPhone 7-7 Plus
  • For iPhone 8-8 Plus
  • For iPhone X, Xr, Xs Xs Max
  • For iPhone 11,11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
  • For iPhone 12,12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
  • For iPad

Liquid Damage:

The phone dropped into Water/ Juice/ Beer or other liquids? (The earlier we send for repair, the higher the chance to bring it back to life, the liquid is eroding the motherboard all the time once its made contact with PCB)

Socket Broken:

PCB connector replacement

Power Issues:

Battery not charging, Losing power too fast/ does not hold power.

Not Turning on:

The phone does not turn on, no response.

Screen Touch Disease Repair/ Touch IC:

Screen freezing sometimes. It is a common issue for iPhone 6 Plus, which often happens after a phone drop. Also happens on iPhone 6s and other models.

WiFi Problems:

Wifi on/off button grey, Cannot connect to WiFi, WiFi signal weak.

Bluetooth Problems:

Bluetooth on/off button grey, Cannot connect to Bluetooth, Bluetooth signal weak.

Front Facing Camera Repair:

Front-facing camera not working, The camera goes black.

Back Camera Repair:

Back facing camera not working, The camera goes black.

Stuck on Apple Logo:

Phone turns on with Apple Logo or Apple logo on and off but fails to get into the system.

Audio IC Problem:

No sound when playing music, making phone calls or recording. Usually happens on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Turns Off Automatically:

The phone shuts down itself randomly.

Finger Print Not Working:

Home button (cable) broken, not able to use fingerprint or home key for iPhone 7/8.

Damage/ Missing IC:


Backup Data/ Transfer Data:

The phone is dead or has other issues, beyond repair or not worth repairing. Transfer data to a new device.

Memory Upgrade:

Upgrade phone storage to 64G, 128G, 256G.

And All other issues of iPhone and iPad we can check for you.

Repair time:

All the problems listed above usually can be done on the same day, but do give us more time for a test since we want to get the repair done properly and guarantee our work


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